Martine De Michele/En Cie du Sud / 16/02 at 9pm, 17/02 at 20.45 & 18/02 at 18.45 (Studio)

► Durée : 1h /


La Rive is constructed around collected testimonies, via a bi-polar approach to human reality. This human reality is addressed from two viewpoints, that of the “North” and that of the “South”, linked by an element that creates the split, the Riverbank. At each moment, from North to South, beings appear sharing a scrap of history, a piece of life story, which makes us intimate with them, with their challenge, with the paradox of their life.     This overwhelming show, based on testimonies, reports stories of lives which are both intense and absurd, from men and women entangled with the contemporary world. As reflections of our society they show its paradox and bring out current challenges. Songs of heart-rending beauty carry us beyond words and emotions to the redemptive abyss…” (CCW) 

La Halte/Liège: March 2016
At the Théâtre National: 19 to 29 April 2017  


Design/direction: Martine De Michele / Collecting testimonies: Martine De Michele & I Cantieri Meticci / With: Adrienne D'Anna, Martine De Michele, Olivia Harkay, Valérie Kurevic, Nancy Nkusi / Songs directed by: Alberto Di Lena / Music: Gimmi Pace / Lighting: Pierre Clément / Sound: David Henrard / Perspective: Edith Bertholet / Video: Cécile Lecuyer / Prod.: En Cie du Sud, Arsenic2 / With support from CAPT & La Chaufferie-Acte1 En Cie du Sud is a founder member of La Halte/Liège / © D.H./Goldo.