Elsa Poisot / 17 & 18/02 at 8pm (Cité Miroir)

►Durée : 1h30 /


Kinky Birds is a collection of characters of different ages, sexes, social classes and lifestyles.  They come to tell us about the routine but unbelievable journey of a young woman who finds herself assaulted in a Metro train without any of her fellow passengers intervening. Why did no-one move? Where does this immobility in us come from?   From a news item, this promising young writer shows us, not the representation of an assault, but the map of human relationships which made it possible. She holds out a mirror to our fears or our indifference, through a mosaic of daily events, and asks the question about responsibility. It is interpreted by some wonderful actors, a high calibre delivery which makes the spectacle of our behaviour simply worrying.      

Kinky Birds received the 2016 Directors’ Prize (outside Belgium) from the CedWB.      

Coproduction: Théâtre Le Public, Brussels / Production: Écarlate la compagnie / Assistant production: Audience/ Factory / With the help of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles - service du théâtre - CAPT, the Commission communautaire francophone, the Institut pour l'Egalité des Femmes et des Hommes, and the Promotion de la Citoyenneté et de l'Interculturalité / Project developed for La Chaufferie-Acte1 / Support from Réseau Kalame, CEDWB, Théâtre et Publics, and the Maison de la Création / Thanks to: Corinne Ricuort, Françoise Fiocchi, Nathalie Boisvert, Koffi Kwahule, Jean-Marie Piemme, Didier Colfs, Philippe Taszman, Nicolas Petit-Jean, Olivier Lenel, and Bérénice Masset / Text published by Lansman Editeur.


Writing and direction: Elsa Poisot / With: Nabil Missoumi, Deborah Rouach, Catherine Salée, Imhotep Tshilombo / Stage design: Johanna Daenen / Costumes: Marie-Hélène Balau / Sound creation: Benjamin Dandoy / Musical adaptation: Pierre Kissling / Lighting and stage manager: Benoit Gillet / Assistant director: Stéphanie Scultore / Make-up/hair: Zaza Da Fonseca / Photos: Alice Piemme AML