F. (l’autre femme)

Work in progress

WORK IN PROGRESS / La Couturieva / 16/02 at 8pm, 17/02 at 7pm & 18/02 at 15.30 (Salle B16 (café)-St Luc)

► Durée : 45' /


F. (l'autre femme) [F. (the other woman)] is a show in the creation stage, mixing several disciplines and three female performers. This project originated from a process of self-questioning arising from a recurrent dream of a monstrous, dismembered corpse, an enigmatic body, much more complex and incomprehensible than the one constantly presented to us in the media as a model: smooth, young, super-powerful, and which is unfortunately too often repeated without question in the arts. This magnified “character” fascinates but also excludes, it doesn’t talk about us, about our inner life, it has nothing to say to us. And you, can you find yourself in the way the female is presented on the stage? We would like to create a complex, gappy version of the female, taking our many faces and countenances into account, a version made of these cracks, crevices and shortcomings, from where life and fantasy can be born. In addition, we cover themes our society tends to hide or diminish, such as madness, sickness, vulnerability, sex and death. The discovery of the Théâtre d'Emma Santos resonates with this search. From this basic material, we are working to create tableaux vivants, rendering the images from our imagination tangible, and making space for the matter of dreams and the unconscious. This is how the theatre stage can be for us the political stage par excellence; giving a space in which to fight the colonisation of our imaginations by conventional, consensual representations.


A project by: La Couturieva / With: Charlotte Couturier, Hélène Lacrosse, Roxane Lefebvre / Collective writing, after the Théâtre d'Emma Santos / Partners: Maison du spectacle La Bellone, La Raffinerie - Charleroi Danses