Combat de pauvres (titre provisoire)

Project presentation

PROJECT PRESENTATION / Art&tça / 17/02 at 8pm & 18/02 at 16.30 (Salle B16-St Luc)

►Durée : 20' /


At the present time, the city of Brussels is one of the richest regions of Europe and one-third of its population live below the poverty line. These apparently contradictory facts hide a choice made by society: the gradual but methodical dismantling of our entire system of social protection, which first and foremost weakens the most vulnerable people (the young, foreigners, the elderly).   The Cie Art&tça has decided to create a wide-ranging theatre project which challenges our society on the subject of its weakest members. By gathering a mass of testimonies and viewpoints, we want to discover the origins of poverty and understand why more and more people who were once protected are now overshadowed by insecurity. With the proposed way of presenting the project, mixing talks with video, we will try to deconstruct our initial received ideas when faced with poverty.   


Creation and direction: Charles Culot, David Daubresse, Alexis Garcia, Camille Grange. Interpretation: Charles Culot, David Daubresse, Camille Grange / An Art&tça production with the support of the Fondation Syndex and Chaufferie-Acte1. spectacle