Paying for it

Project presentation

17/02 at 10pm & 18/02 at 16.45 (Chapiteau Arsenic2)

►Durée : 30' /


Paying for it
from the eponymous cartoon strip by Chester Brown / La Brute – Theatre research project (debt and prostitution)  

After the show Blackbird, La Brute continues to explore “zones of non-thought” marginalised by society. We think that we see there deeper social dysfunctions than symptoms of neglected diseases. Our search skirts the borders of commodified bodies and indebted bodies. What is sold and purchased in prostitution? Does the paid-for body gain value? Is the other a consumer of fantasies? Do indebted bodies continue to spend (themselves) in order to gain hope in life? Alongside human trafficking, with which it is affected in the same way as any “profitable” activity, should prostitution itself reflect a society where the choice open to a human being as a client, whether rich or poor, is only to stake everything in order to enjoy life?


La Brute: Aline Mahaux, Anne-Sophie Sterck, Wim Lots, Raven Ruëll, Jérôme de Falloise, Nicolas Marty, Isabelle Derr, Cédric Macary and Catherine Hance.