J'abandonne une partie de moi, que j'adapte

Work in progress

WORK IN PROGRESS / Justine Lequette / 16/02 at 9pm, 17/02 at 19.45 & 18/02 at 18h.45 (Chapiteau Arsenic2)

► Durée : 50' /


How do we live? What makes us happy? What impact does work have on our daily life? How are our lives alienated? In what way are our private lives private? How does a person “earn a living”?  Of what emancipation project are we the bearers? Because they want answers to these questions today, 4 actors are bringing words from the past together onto the stage. They enjoy themselves playing Edgar Morin and Jean Rouch, who produced Chronique d'un été [Story of a summer] in 1961, a major film making daily life a subject on its own. Putting these words of yesterday into dialogue with those of today’s society, they ask us the question: what has happened, in little more than one generation?


A project initiated and directed by: Justine Lequette / Collective writing / With: Rémi Faure, Benjamin Lichou, Jules Puibaraud, Léa Romagny / Assistant and production manager: Annah Schaeffer / Project from a Solo Carte Blanche of ESACT / With the support of ESACT and La Chaufferie-Acte1.