Work in Progress

WORK IN PROGRESS / Irène Berruyer, Audric Chapus, Meissoune Majri / 16/02 at 19.45, 17/02 at 20.45 & 18/02 at 17.30 (Chapiteau Arsenic2)

► Durée : 1h /


On 13 November 2015, the President of the French Republic declared ‘we are at war’.  Our country is bombing Syria and a state of emergency has been proclaimed throughout the country for an indefinite period, for the protection and security of its citizens. But why does reality seem to us all of a sudden more opaque than it was yesterday? In what possible ways, as citizens, can we get to grips with this reality? The political, economic and social reality seems much more complex and finely-shaded than the picture seen through the media lens. So, who is financing whom? What is really at stake in the Middle East? How do we guarantee fundamental rights for citizens in such an exceptional situation? What is the impact of the climate of fear that maintains this security policy in place over individuals and their fundamental freedoms? We have decided to put these questions through the medium of a drama to the various representatives of the State. Those very people who have issued multiple calls to citizens, to be patriotic, united and to come together to accept their individual responsibilities.” 


By and with: Irène Berruyer, Audric Chapus and Meissoune Majri / Production: Nicolas Bruno / Project initiated by: Audric Chapus / Collective writing / Project from a Solo Carte Blanche of ESACT / With the support of ESACT and La Chaufferie-Acte1 / © Fred Verheyden