Le Festival de Liège & la Chaufferie-Acte1

16, 17, 18 février : 3 jours pour découvrir les projets d'artistes et compagnies belges /


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"Factory", the festival within the festival  

16, 17, 18 February: 3 days to explore the projects of artists and companies in Belgium   

For three years now, the Festival de Liège and La Chaufferie-Acte1 have come together to present FACTORY, a time devoted entirely to emerging companies and artists. Faithful to the principles of “factory” and “laboratory”, Factory offers to a curious audience, along with the press and Belgian and international programme planners, three days of total, joyful fun, a journey around the journey of creation, various projects in varying stages of development. Some are complete, others are shown at a key moment in their creation, needing a critical and benevolent opinion from a real audience. Others again offer an initial read-through or account of an artistic and creative search, to gather impressions and feed the imagination needed for creation. A festival within the festival...

Pass FACTORY* : 10€   Pass FACTORY includes 10 moments : 
Paying for it / Désaccords tacites / J'abandonne une partie de moi que j'adapte / La Beauté du désastre / Combat de pauvres / Vertiges / F. (L'autre femme) / Kinky birds / Nourrir l'humanité c'est un métier / La Rive  

The Pass FACTORY allows you to see what you want during the 3 days* (16, 17 & 18 february).    

Except for Laïka, Tabula Rasa, Is there life on mars ?, Wilderness, Saison 1