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For sixteen years, the Festival of Liège has been opening wide a window onto the world for the fresh air of creation to blow in. The Festival has always seen itself as a place of questioning, as a crossroads of cultures, a space of discovery. Because we think that the theatre can speak to the world, that it can reinvent it, awaken consciences, push back frontiers, change the way we look at each other, reflect the major issues of our time. The Festival of Liège has always drawn on the multiplicity of viewpoints, emotion, vision within human grasp, thought-provoking ideas from the four corners of the earth to make them the driving forces of an event that resonates through Liège for three weeks. It has established widespread audience loyalty throughout its previous editions, appealing to a public curious about everything and ready for the strangest and most authentic stage adventures. It has also gained the loyalty of performers. Such as Ascanio Celestini and David Murgia, Joël Pommerat, Fabrice Murgia who are back this year in what has become a true land of welcome for them. FACTORY: With Chaufferie-Acte1, the Festival of Liège can also be seen as a space of freedom and discovery for young creativity in French-speaking Belgium. Creativity flourishing all around us, bright and colourful, and right at our very feet: projects by emerging artists, often radical, always singular art forms, budding or established talent reminding us that today’s youth, far from being disillusioned, has decided to grapple with the future development of the world, even if the world seems sometimes, and increasingly, disoriented. The Festival of Liège is also a unique gateway to what is happening, what is being experienced, beyond our borders. Shows from Chile, the United States, Bolivia, Italy, Romania, Poland, Portugal or even from the Lebanon are a further reminder that our differences are, first and foremost, a source of wealth. Last but not least, the Festival of Liège is a state of mind. It is a resolutely demanding process but one that is terribly festive. On stage, where pure moments of joy await us, where humour gushes forth like an invigorating spring, where emotion radiates from the magic of the live performance. And off stage too, with its frenzied after-shows, its meeting and discussion areas, the conviviality of which is one of its trademarks.