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Ascanio Celestini

►17 & 18 février – 20h15 ►Manège / En français & italien (traduction en direct)


In this new creation for a French-speaking audience, Ascanio Celestini appears again (with live interpretation by Patrick Bebi) accompanied for the first time by a French-speaking actress Violette Pallaro and an accordion player. With his inimitable tongue, his skipping poetry, his scathing humour, tender and cruel at one and the same time, his civic and political commitment and his love of the “humble people”, this spiritual child of Dario Fo returns to us with his own secret blend of theatre and story. A mixture of the tragic and the comic, tears and laughter, dazzling literary outbursts and implacable rhetoric, he plunges the audience continually into a struggling and politically disillusioned world, hounding down social injustice and putting the human person back into the heart of all discourse. This son of a cabinet-maker and a hair stylist who loved dancing, half facetious goblin, half metaphysical clown, prolific and glib-tongued writer, once again leads us into a whirlwind of words, styles and displays which leaves us breathless.

At the Théâtre National/Brussels: 18 to 29.04.2017


Text and production: Ascanio Celestini / With: Ascanio Celestini, Violette Pallaro, Patrick Bebi (Live interpreting) / Musician: Gianluca Casadei / Production: Théâtre National/Wallonia-Brussels / With the help of Festival de Liège, Théâtre de la Cité à Marseille and Théâtre du Rond-Point Paris / © Dominique Houcmant/Goldo.