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Florence Minder

► 14, 15, 16 février – 20h15 | Durée 1h30 ► Salle B9-St Luc / En français


Where does reality end and fiction begin? Does reality inspire fiction, or does fiction influence the way we grasp the real? Can our senses be entirely trusted to interpret the world? And our sometimes overflowing imagination, is it not also deceptive? In Saison 1, we bathe in a fascinating interlude, in the footsteps of a woman taken hostage by rebels in the heart of the Amazon region. Like those television series which we devour bit by bit, the artist is offering us a brand-new creation which keeps us in suspense from start to finish. Without giving anything away to spoil the surprise, this piece leads us to question our relationship with storytelling and the imaginary. Disturbing and powerful, the writing overwhelms the imagination of the audience members, while using the effects of the drama like a weapon for connecting to the here and now of the performance.   In these times of upheaval, Saison 1 invites us to rethink our relationship to reality and to fiction, to routine violence, to the meaning of this mass of information coming at us directly in a continuous stream. It humorously exploits all the codes of the television series (suspense, twists, etc.) and as demanded by our society of spectacle and marketing, punctuates its words with some ad breaks, also rich in clever remarks and irony... What better place to question the desperate attempts everywhere to recover the “true”, than the stage of the theatre where the “false” is the basic convention?   Incredibly inventive, tightly controlled from start to finish, performed by the impressive Florence Minder, Saison 1 is a show which captivates you from the first to the last line.  

“Her speech and stage presence have incredible violence and strength, combined with a real inventive direction… This is the power of Florence Minder, both actress and interpreter of her own work…

 At Théâtre National/Brussels: 19 to 27.01.2017


SAISON 1 teaser from Théâtre National/Bruxelles on Vimeo.

By: Florence Minder / Assisted by: Julien Jaillot and Elisa Lozano Raya / With: Sophie Sénécaut, Pascal Merighi and Florence Minder / Script adviser: Manah Depauw / Stage design and Lighting creation: Simon Siegmann / Sound creation: Pierre-Alexandre Lampert and Guillaume Istace / Costumes and props: Cécile Barraud De Lagerie / Production: Venedig Meer - Manon Faure / Coproduction: Théâtre National/Wallonie-Bruxelles, Festival de Liège / Help and support: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Direction du Théâtre, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, SACD Belgium, Loterie Romande, Galerie Harpe 45, Théâtre de Vanves, La Bellone - Maison du Spectacle / © Valérianne Poidevin.