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Héloïse Meire – Cécile Hupin/Compagnie What’s Up ?!

►13 & 14 février – 20h15 ► Manège + 17 février – 18h45 ► Salle B9-St Luc / En français


Is there life on Mars? rings out like an existential question: is there another form of existence, another way of being in the world? The latest creation from the Compagnie What's Up ?! is offered as a voyage through the disturbing world of autism. The director undertook a long programme of meetings and interviews with autistic people and their family circles. This show aims to give them voice. How can we figure out these multiple, complex and often misunderstood life experiences?  The show explores the autistic spectrum, not just through words, but also through a directing process that shifts the visual and the audible, leading us gradually into another perception of reality. Presented by four actors, Is there life on Mars? aims to be a theatrical experience that reflects people with autism who continuously overturn the codes we know and confront us with our own ways of working.

At the Théâtre National/Brussels: 17 to 28.01.2017


IS THERE LIFE ON MARS teaser from Théâtre National/Bruxelles on Vimeo.

Direction: Héloïse Meire Stage design: Cécile Hupin With: François Regout, Muriel Clairembourg, Jean-Michel d'Hoop, Léonore Frenois Assistant: Esther Sfez Movement: Sandrine Heyraud Sound creator: Guillaume Istace Lighting creator: Jerôme Dejean Video: Matthieu Bourdon A show from the Compagnie What's Up ?! Production: Théâtre National/Wallonia-Brussels Coproduction: Festival de Liège With the help of Fédération Wallonie/Bruxelles Service Théâtre and the Prix Henri Goethals- Fondation l'Estacade © Hubert Amiel.