Portugal | Theatre

Tiago Rodrigues/Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

► 11 & 12 février – 20h15 | Durée 1h30 ► Salle B9, St Luc / En français


In By Heart, Tiago Rodrigues tells us a story: the story of her grandmother who, as she was becoming blind, asked her grandson to choose a book for her which she could learn by heart. But what does this really mean, “learning a text by heart”? And how is it possible, with the audience, to feel as close as possible to this question, its urgency, its burden? wonders the young Portuguese director. Inviting ten people from the audience every evening to make this gesture, Tiago Rodrigues is not content to blur the boundaries between theatre, the drama and reality. He invites men and women, “Shakespeare’s sonnet 30 cohort” to try, to share a singular experience during the performance: that of remembering a text and saying it aloud. An action of artistic and political resistance, just as much as a struggle against time, against forgetfulness and ageing, against absence and disappearance.  

"... Tiago Rodrigues, director of the National Theatre of Lisbon, makes literature vibrate deep in our hearts. A moment of rare intensity..."
La Terrasse


Reportage réalisé au MontrealFTA, 2016

Ecrit et interprété par Tiago Rodrigues | Texte avec extraits et citations de William Shakespeare, Ray Bradbury, George Steiner et Joseph Brodsky | Accessoires et costumes : Magda Bizarro | Traduction en français : Thomas Resendes | Production exécutive dans la création originale : Magda Bizarro, Rita Mendes | Une production : Teatro Nacional D. Maria II après une création originale de la compagnie Mundo Perfeito | Coproduction : O Espaço do Tempo, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal | Spectacle créé avec le soutien du Governo de Portugal | DGArtes | © Magda Bizarro.