Romania | Theatre

Gianina Cărbunariu

► 5 & 6 février – 20h15 | Durée 1h40 ► Salle B9-St Luc / Roumain, Anglais et Français


Born in 1977, Gianina Cărbunariu trained in post-Communist Romania. In 2002, she and some friends formed "dramAcun", a structure aimed at completely renewing the Romanian theatrical environment, by promoting local contemporary writings.  Gianina Cărbunariu’s theatre appears raw, with no concessions, oscillating between the energy of rebellion and disillusion (Stop the tempo, Kebab, Solitaritate, Tigern). Her work appears in theatres all over the world, dramas that offer an alternative way of looking at contemporary Romania, while challenging us in more global terms about the western representations of progress and success. They also perhaps form the germ of a European political theatre, coming from the East, which tackles head-on the issues of the community integration model, isolationism and collective action. (RB extract) Artists talk tries to ask questions about the responsibility of artists in the current European social and political context. The starting point for one of the 6 scenes of Artists talk is the Baia Mare wall, in Romania, built in 2010 by the local mayor to separate the Roma community from the rest of the population. In 2015, the same mayor invited a group of young students to paint the wall. This project was called “Street Art 2015”.   


Mise en scène : Gianina Cărbunariu | Avec : Ruxandra Maniu, Ilinca Manolache, Alexandru Potocean, Gabriel Răuţă, , Bogdan Zamfir | Scénographie : Dorothee Curio | Vidéo : Mihai Păcurar | Musique : Bobo Burlăcianu | Production : Arcub - Centrul de Proiecte Culturale al Primariei Municipiului București | Coproduction : Piese Refractare | © Adi Bulboaca Le projet a été soutenu par le Goethe Institue et par l’Ambassade de France et l’Instistut français à Bucharest.