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Fabrice Murgia/Cie Artara

► 3 & 4 février – 20h15 | Durée 1h20 ► Manège / En français


Black clouds Fabrice Murgia/Cie Artara Belgium, Theatre   With this new creation, Fabrice Murgia pushes his reflections one step further, on North-South relations, on the free movement of people, on (in)visible frontiers that surround us, this virtual and hyperconnected world that absorbs us, encompasses us and sometimes completely overtakes us.  As with each of his creations, the director is fed by his encounters and his experiences. Here it was a theatre workshop held in Saly, Senegal, with local actors. Down there, it was about the various investigations going on around the “grazers”, those rampant on-line crooks from Côte d'Ivoire who try to demand money from people on the other side of the world. Moving on, the writer explored the unbelievable life of Aaron Schwarz, the young American software engineer, enthusiast for free access to the Internet and pioneer of open source software, who took his own life at 28 after challenging the FBI and the US government. On the stage: four actors, two Senegalese, two Belgian, wanting to tell us a powerful contemporary story, formed of a series of overlapping dialogues, interlinked narrations and shared destinies. Black Clouds will take on overtones of comedy when it comes to telling us about the deceptions orchestrated by the Ivorian web hackers, these grazers whose speciality is to build amorous relationships remotely with Westerners.   The Internet then becomes the meeting place between two people in distress, the location for manipulation. Two people unknown to each other but who correspond, thousands of miles apart. In this show, the topic of sexual tourism will be mentioned, this “neo-colonisation of the body”. It will cover the digital North-South divide: this Web, synonymous both with information sharing and emancipation and with domination and slavery. It will descend into the invisible deep web, right into the Darknet, where the very idea of “frontier” no longer makes sense and where anyone can purchase a weapon, a false passport or even a bodily organ. A dizzying plunge into an elsewhere both dreamlike and truly real, conveyed through poetry, music and images. Painting our personal and collective history (colonialism, migrations, social injustice, etc.), in fascinating and unlikely ways, using small brush strokes, between a “here” and an “over there”.

At the Théâtre National/Brussels: 17 to 24.02.2017
Theatres in Dracénie - Draguignan (FR): 3.03.2017
At Mars, Mons arts de la scène: 17 & 18.03.2017
Toneelhuis - Anvers (BE): 29 & 30.03.2017
The Grand Théâtre National de Dakar: 12 & 13.05.2017


BLACK CLOUDS TEASER from cie Artara on Vimeo.

Text and production: Fabrice Murgia / Interpretation: Valérie H. Bauchau, Fatou Hane, El Hadji Abdou Rahmane Ndiaye, François Sauveur / Script support: Vincent Hennebicq / Assistant director: Vladimir Steyaert / Video creation: Giacinto Caponio / Video creation assistant: Dimitri Petrovic / Lighting creation: Emily Brassier / Sound creation: Maxime Glaude / Trainees: Emma Depoid and Camille Sanchez / Lighting direction: Aurélie Perret / Sound direction: Sébastien Courtoy / Video manager: Dimitri Petrovic / Stage manager: Marc Defrise / Production: Cie Artara / Coproduction: Fondazione Campania dei Festival - Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, Théâtre National/Wallonia-Brussels, Théâtre de Namur, Manège. Mons, Théâtre de Grasse, Comédie de Saint-Etienne / In collaboration with Fotti / With support from Eubelius / ©Andréa Dainef.