Lebanon | Theatre

Ali Chahrour

►31 janvier & 1er février – 20H15 | Durée 1h10 ► Chapiteau Arsenic2 (Espace Bavière) / Arabe surtitré français


In the Lebanon, there are fewer professional mourners than once there were. They can still be found in the south of the country, and in the eastern plain of the Beqaa. But these women are still the corner stone of a ritual that is as much religious as it is social: condolence. During these ceremonies, they recite poems of their own composition, written in memory of the disappeared, as they lament themselves, striving to make the relatives cry, in the great Shiite tradition. “An aesthetic of the intimate”, transformed by war and the economic situation, like the authorities who now demand that families celebrate the heroism of great national figures, so replacing emotion with duty.  Ali Chahrour has invited Leïla, a professional mourner, to join him and his musicians on stage. She is concerned to return to the regional traditions of her dance, and he has asked her to share her experience by singing of her relationship with death, and through it this culture of grief. For this duet, the choreographer has taken the time to observe Leïla, to see “what starts her moving, this woman whose body carries this sadness”. He then conceived a delicate score able to slip between the interstices of this poetic lament which soothes souls. (Comments collected by Francis Cossu for Festival d'Avignon 2016)  


Festival d'Avignon, 2016

Choreography and direction: Ali Chahrour / Assistant: Haera Slim / Music: Ali Hout and Abed Kobeissi / With: Ali Chahrour and Leila / Script: Junaid Sariedeen / Stage design: Nathalie Harb / Lighting: Guillaume Tesson / Costume: Bird on A Wire and Creative Space Production: Haera Slim / © Marco Pinerelli.