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Violette Pallaro

► 28 & 29 janvier – 20h15 (Salle B9-St Luc) + 18 février – 15h (Manège) | Durée 1h15 / En français


There were five of us at home, always sitting in the same places, in the same way”. Tabula Rasa, a show alternately funny and dark, which speaks of the place each of us occupies within a family, within a social group and in society as a whole. Together with four actors, the writer and director Violette Pallaro feeds on her range of experience (writer in residence, improvisation, documentaries) to build a show that blends drama with reality, covering both the intimate and the shared, politics and poetry. What space does the family really allow to the individual? What part does each person play in their own existence? When someone is legitimate, when do they become an impostor? So many essential questions, which touch each and every one of us, confronted head on or in depth, without ready-made artifice or truth, beneath the complicit gaze of a narrator present throughout the story. Centre-stage there are several tables around which the protagonists meet. Meal tables, conference tables; tables for meetings and work as well. Tables which are erected and dismantled, a little theatre of various feelings, multiple provocations, curious discussions, verbal attacks, latent conflicts, shared surprises and emotions. A table of life. A life which they decided to make tabula rasa.

At the Théâtre National/Brussels: 4 to 15.02.2017
At Mars, Mons arts de la scène: July 2017


Writing: Violette Pallaro with the complicity of Laura Fautré, Clément Goethals, Thierry Hellin, Lara Persain | Direction : Violette Pallaro | Acting: Laura Fautré, Clément Goethals, Thierry Hellin, Lara Persain | Stage design: Vincent Lemaire | Lighting creation: Xavier Lauwers | Musical and rhythm arrangements and vocal direction: Fabian Fiorini | Script advice: Mathias Simons | Assistant director: Alfredo Canavate | Production: Festival de Liège, Théâtre National/Wallonia-Brussels and Mars, Mons arts de la scène. With the support of Théâtre et Publics, Théâtre des Doms in Avignon and the Théâtre de la Cité in Marseille for the project “Résidence croisée- Écritures du Réel”, de La Chaufferie-Acte1 | © Dominique Houcmant/Goldo.