France | Theatre (pour tous à partir de 8 ans)

A theatrical creation by Joël Pommerat / Based on Carlo Collodi

►17, 18 Février – 20H15 | Durée 1h15 ►►►Au Centre Culturel de Seraing / En français


To be born to himself, to become a being of flesh and freedom, this Pinocchio loosely reinvented by Joël Pommerat from Carlo Collodi’s story will have to escape many pitfalls and face trials such as no child much cleverer than he ever had to deal with every day! Carved from a tree that fell one stormy night, this puppet, launched into human life, will succumb to every temptation of easy money and of show business society. The only thing he really resists is…school!   With just the right text, poetic images and sound, the illusion of shadow, nighttime and light, Pommerat’s Pinocchio is a beautiful and captivating spectacle, like a magic carousel which reaches out to touch the truth of contemporary human existence. It draws the audience of all ages along in the wake of an ingenuous, engaging puppet who will eventually be better at understanding what it is to “be” than what it is to “have”.   

An unforgettable Pinocchio... From the first moment, you could hear a pin drop, so gripped was everyone by the vibrant darkness of the stage. There was no moral tale here, but visions, often hard and violent, sometimes dreamy: an unreachable star in a cabaret with kitsch lighting, sad pupils in a “dead classroom”, worthy of Kantor... Pommerat works miracles with words, sounds, images and lights. And anyone who penetrates his wonderfully haunted world will emerge nicely shaken up.”
Le Nouvel Observateur   With: Myriam Assouline, Sylvain Caillat, Pierre-Yves Chapalain, Daniel Dubois, Maya Vignando  Artistic collaboration: Philippe Carbonneaux  Stage design: Eric Soyer  Lighting: Eric Soyer assisted by Renaud Fouquet  Dummies: Fabienne Killy assisted by Laurence Fourmond  Costumes: Marie-Hélène Bouvet assisted by Elisabeth Cerqueira  Creation of fairy’s costume: Jean-Michel Angays  Musical compositions: Antonin Leymarie recorded by Shan Lefrant (sousaphone, tuba), Brice Pichard (trumpet), Adrien Amey (sax), Gabriel Levasseur (accordion), Fidel Fourneyron (trombone), Scaba Palotai (guitar), Rémi Sciuto (wind, musical saws), Mathieu Ha (voice)  Sound creation: François and Grégoire Leymarie, Yann Priest  Stage manager: Sylvain Caillat, Mohamed Elasri  Sound manager: Yann Priest  Lighting manager: Jean-Pierre Michel  Set builders: Construction workshop CDN in Caen and Ateliers Berthier Props created by: Thomas Ramon Artom


Production: Cie Louis Brouillard Coproduction creation: L'Espace Malraux-scène nationale de Chambéry et de la Savoie, Centre Dramatique Régional de Tours, Théâtre de Villefranche / Scène Rhône Alpes / Scène conventionnée, La Ferme de Bel Ebat / Guyancourt, Théâtre Brétigny/ Scène conventionnée du Val d'Orge, Le Gallia Théâtre / Scène conventionnée de Saintes, Théâtre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine, Les Salins/Scène nationale de Martigues Théâtre du Gymnase-Marseille, CNCDC - Châteauvallon, Grenoble / Maison de la Culture Mc2, La scène nationale de Cavaillon, Automne en Normandie, CDN de Normandie - Comédie de Caen Coproduction revival: Scène nationale d'Albi Pinocchio has been rehearsed at CNCDC, Châteauvallon and at Théâtre Brétigny Show created in March 2008 at the Odéon - Théâtre de l'Europe La Cie Louis Brouillard is subsidised and supported by the Ministry of Culture/ DRAC Ile-de-France and Région Ile-de-France Joël Pommerat belongs to the artists’ association of Nanterre-Amandiers All texts by Joël Pommerat are published by Editions Actes Sud-papiers © Elisabeth Carecchio.