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Vincent Hennebicq | Arieh Worthalter

► 1er & 2 février – 20H15 + 18 février – 20h30 | Durée 1h40 ► Salle B9-St Luc / En français


From the Amazon jungle to the forests of Canada where he spent the winter in a cabin, testing the limits of his capacity for solitude, travelling through the High Andes and the enchanting atmosphere of New Orleans, Arieh wandered alone for two years, carrying his guitar under his arm. An intense, existential confrontation with the wild depths of nature. From this experience of a hermit life, the actor and musician has gathered sounds, images and sensations which together have fed into Wilderness, the new drama from Vincent Hennebicq (Heroes (Just For One Day), Going Home). True to his intention, the young director tells us a story of a man searching for meaning and freedom. He relies on the accounts of the great writers on nature (Thoreau, Abbey, Fromm, and so on), asking once more some eternal questions: why leave, why return? What does freedom mean in a place where there is nothing to do? Is it a flight? A game? A quest?  Finally, he questions once more our relationship with time, with collective responsibilities, with pressing political and ecological issues. Told over a whole year, through the four seasons, Arieh’s story comes in the form of a profound sensory experience. The spectator is plunged into the vast, and at times silent expanse of nature, through soundscapes, organic lights and even perfumes and scents. Direction which, for the duration of a deeply unromantic piece of theatre, takes us out of the deafening noise and the cold concrete of our cities. Along with this single character on the stage, linking stories of life with fragments of original guitar music, we face the pure beauty and the extreme violence of forest, shoreline and desert, where both balance and chaos reign. In the end, Wilderness lays bare the man confronting himself, his limitations and desires, in the depth of a boundless natural world.


WILDERNESS trailer (vstr en/fr) from Théâtre National/Bruxelles on Vimeo.

Text: Arieh Worthalter and Vincent Hennebicq Direction: Vincent Hennebicq With: Arieh Worthalter Script assistant: Manah Depauw Stage design: Boris Dambly Sound creation: Thomas Turine Lighting creation: Arié Van Egmond Costumes: Emilie Jonet assisted by Esther Denis Sculpture of the set: Laurent Liber, Stéphanie Denoiseux Set: Les Ateliers du Théâtre National Production: Théâtre National/Wallonia-Brussels Coproduction: Festival de Liège, Théâtre de Namur, Maison de la culture de Tournai With the support of La Chaufferie/Acte1 With the help of SACD Belgium © Hubert Amiel.