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Ascanio Celestini | David Murgia

► 27 (SOIREE D'OUVERTURE) & 28.01 – 20h15 + 17.02 – 22h30 ► Manège / En français


OPENING EVENING - Free entry on 27 January - booking essential 

After their magnificent Discours à la Nation, shown all over the world, Ascanio Celestini and David Murgia return to us here with Laïka. Written by the former and interpreted by the latter, this time with accordion accompaniment, Laïka tells the story of a poor Christ who returns to earth not to redeem it from its sins on this occasion, but to listen to its heartbeat, and who finds himself alone surrounded by the world’s clutter.
This story could be set in any suburb. From the window of the apartment he shares with Peter, this unlikely Jesus Christ observes the comings and goings of a number of poor wretches, including a down-and-out, a migrant who has fled his own war-torn country and set up home in the car park of the neighbouring supermarket, a local woman whose mind is confused and the local prostitute who walks the streets at night and burns tyres to keep herself warm. And this decent Jesus, who in the end isn’t a god but a man without power, made of “flesh, blood and words”, as the author explains, gazes down from his little studio flat on high, over this poor, lowly world seeking not to save it from its poverty but to help it live joyfully within it. As in Discours à la Nation, Celestini and Murgia lead us into a committed and image-filled world, where lovable characters develop and strong emotions are born. They move from irony to farce, from political satire to raw reality. We meet Che Guevara, the three monotheistic religions and even a story of long-ago football glory. And we are carried away by an incredible fable which in the end teaches us one of the great lessons of life.

At the Théâtre National, Brussels: 04 to 11.02.2017
 At Mars, Mons arts de la scène: 31.01 and 01.02.2017
 At the Festival Paroles d’Hommes: 19 and 20.02.2017
At L’ANCRE/Charleroi: 21, 22 and 23.02.2017


Text and direction: Ascanio Celestini With: David Murgia and Maurice Blanchy (accordion) | Off : Yolande Moreau | Translation : Patrick Bebi | Music : Gianluca Casadei | Régie : Philippe Kariger | A show for the Festival de Liège as a coproduction with the Théâtre National/Wallonia-Brussels ©Dominique Houcmant/Goldo