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Marco Layera/La Re-sentida

► 31 janvier & 1er Février – 20h15 | Durée 1h25 ► Manège / ES > FR


Sub-titled “We conform to our non-conformism”, the new performance from La Re-Sentida, invited twice before by Festival de Liège, this time considers a social category it sees as dominant today:  the bohos. The Chilean director, Marco Layera, aware of being a boho himself, questions the potential and integrity of this social grouping, now a class, which signs up to capitalism in all its aspects as a way of life and of communication, in its relations with the world and the market, while at the same time claiming a cultural heritage and so-called counter-current values. To examine this intrinsic paradox, he has created a drama, with his company, envisaging a May Day evening in Santiago de Chile, while the protest movements are erupting in the street, the members of the capital’s cultural elite are meeting at a friend’s house to celebrate his appointment as the new Minister for Culture. But the latter, disillusioned, shuts himself in his bedroom and refuses to take part in the festivities. He now sees the hypocrisy of those around him, practising the art of comfortable self-satisfaction, and also perceives the glaring impossibility of producing any change whatever. From this elitist circle, the contradictory and provocatively entitled piece The Dictatorship of cool sets out to seek centres of radical resistance, where a real counter-model to capitalism and the received norm prevails.  (Comments collected by Marion Canelas for the Festival d'Avignon 2016)  

"... Like the character of the hero, this is an explosive performance, led by a very young troupe of players with huge energy. The problem is serious, but presented with expressive joy
… ", July 16  

At Mars, Mons arts de la scène: 03.02.2017   


Direction: Marco Layera Text: La Re-sentida Producer: Nicolas Herrera Stage design: Pablo de la Fuente Technical director: Karl Heinz Sateler Costume creation: Daniel Bagnara Music creation: Alejandro Miranda Sound direction: Alonso Orrego Video direction: Cristian Reyes Camera: Alejandro Batarce Assistants: Mariela Espinoza & Gonzalo Merino With: Diego Acuňa, Benjamin Cortés, Carolina de la Maza, Pedro Muňoz, Carolina Palacios, Benjamin Westfall Production: La Re-sentida Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin). Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation © La Re-sentida.