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Guy Cassiers/Toneelhuis

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Le sec et l'humide [The dry and the wet] is a sketch developed by Guy Cassiers while developing his staging of Les Bienveillantes [The Kindly Ones] from the eponymous novel by Jonathan Littell. While researching the material for this substantial novel on the Second World War, narrated surprisingly from the murderer’s point of view, Littel also wrote an essay, Le sec et l'humide. Littell explains that this essay “was the result of an encounter between the theories of a brilliant German multi-disciplinary researcher, Theweleit, and the work of a Belgian fascist (Léon Degrelle, ed.) whose metaphorical language, and use of language in general, give an insight into the structure of his thought.”   In Le sec et l'humide, its author, Jonathan Littell challenges Degrelle’s metaphorical language with Theweleit’s theories on fascism. At once a succession of images scrolls past as Degrelle “sees” them: in the face of the creative, constructive, ordered, clean and dry organisation of the Germans and their allies, Degrelle depicts horror-filled images of the weak, disordered, nonchalant, viscous, muddled, fetid and wet Russian world, into which those opposing the Germans risk being dragged. Two voices speak in the essay:  Degrelle himself, through lengthy extracts from his book La campagne de Russie [The Russian campaign], and on the other an (objective?) commentator.   The French Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/ Music (IRCAM) gives Guy Cassiers the opportunity to research into sound and vocal experimentation, leading to some interesting transformations between the objective historian and the subject of his historiography, Léon Degrelle.  

“Le sec et l'humide was conceived as a brief public presentation, an exercise. But Cassiers has turned it into an elaborate performance, making a clear and explicit statement. This sound experiment played an essential role for me,” he says. “We now know enough to work on the shape of the language of Les Bienveillantes.”
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Le sec et l'humide from Toneelhuis on Vimeo.

Direction: Guy Cassiers Text: Jonathan Littell Acting: Filip Jordens Voice: Johan Leysen Script: Erwin Jans Sound design: Diederik De Cock Assistant director: Camille de Bonhomme Production: Toneelhuis Coproduction: IRCAM - Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique With support from the Creative Europe Progamme of the European Union ©DR.