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Teatro de los Andes

► 9 & 10 février à 20h15 | Durée 1h25 ► Salle B9-St Luc / ES > FR


Mar Teatro de los Andes   Bolivia, Theatre   MAR, created by the Bolivians of the Teatro de Los Andes (welcomed at the Festival de Liège a few years ago, with the wonderful EN UN SOL AMARILLO, is inspired by the Pacific war, Chile’s conflict with Peru and Bolivia between 1879 and1884, during which Bolivia lost its province of Litoral, which formed its only access to the sea. MAR tells a humorous and poetical story of a sister and two brothers (Juana, Miguel and Secundo) who fulfil the last wish of their dying mother by taking her to see the sea. She asks them to fasten her to one of the doors of their family home, and once they reach the coast, to abandon her on the ocean waves. The children respond to her request, crossing the desert in a journey lasting many days. Along the way, they knock on the door, curious to know who is behind it. It opens mysteriously, and various characters appear who each in their own way speak of this terrible thing: the loss of the sea.  A way of talking about what is no longer there, what can no longer be asked, a final, inherited absence...

Production: Teatro de Los Andes  General coordination: Giampaolo Nalli  English translation: Natalia Barry  Thanks to: Ulises Murguía, Sastrería Don Agustín, Wilber Guzmán, Doña Carmen, Doña Teófila, Nélida Arenas, Marcelino Pinto, Claudia Villegas, Marcela Oviedo, Isidoro Callejas, Bernardo Rosado, Lupe Cajias, Jorge Drechsler, Gisela Rebichini, students of the July 2013 and Jan/Feb 2014 workshops, Festival Santiago a Mil, Grupo de Teatro El Animal, Jaime Villavicencio, Grupo Musical Sobreviviendo, Tia Felipa, Kharina Callejas, doña Elsa, Dario Torres, Pedro Camargo. Special thanks to: Maria Callejas Guimaraes, Naomi and Emilia Achirico Zarzyka  © Max Toranzos.   

At Théâtre National, Brussels: 14 and 15.02.2017  

Workshop run by Teatro de los Andes/Bolivia


Collective creation and direction: Teatro de Los Andes and Aristides Vargas With: Lucas Achirico, Gonzalo Callejas, Alice Guimaraes Musical direction: Lucas Achirico Stage design: Gonzalo Callejas Costumes: Alice Guimaraes, Jacqueline Lafuente Covarrubias Lights: Gonzalo Callejas, Lucas Achirico Sound and lighting manager: Alejandro Bustmante Acting direction: Maria Del Rosario Frances Text and production: Aristides Vargas